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Travel Essentials When you Go to Borneo

There is a need for proper packing when you go to Borneo for an adventure trip. Those who have never packed for the jungle need to know how to. You need to think of certain things. Borneo is an island found in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Apart from Greenland and New Guinea, it is the world’s largest island. It has three parts; Brunei, East Malaysia, and Indonesia.

It enjoys equatorial climate, which gives it sunshine throughout the year. There are rains from November to January. The northeast parts will get monsoon weather. The dry season is from May to September. The island is large enough to have varying types of weather.

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The weather is humid, so you need to wear lightweight and breathable clothing, preferably made of cotton. Since you will be sweating, you need clothes that dry fast. You will need such clothes when it rains too. Shorts and t-shirts are good for the day, as trousers work well for the night. You need swim trunks and bathing suits as well.

For shoes, carry hiking and walking appropriate shoes. They need to withstand harsh jungle terrains. Slip-ons work best for morning and evening times. Carry moisture absorbent socks and leech repellent too.

You need some basic medical essentials to take care of mild conditions. You need to have enough painkillers for headaches. You also need altitude sickness and anti-diarrhea medicine. To counter the intense sun, carry some sunblock. You will also have to carry wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and insect repellents.

Ladies must have Ziplocs for their used tampons and pads. You will not find ideal points to put them in the jungle.

Carry extra batteries for your camera, since there is no power in the jungle. You also need a multipurpose watch. You also have to stock on waterproof camera bags and extra memory cards. If you want to go trekking; you will need a torch and camping cutlery.
You must carry your documents, and if you include credit card, let the company know you may use them there. It is wise to have hard cash, not just the cards. Make copies of your original passport, in case it gets lost to find it easy.

You need to ensure you do not throw plastic bags all over, so as to preserve the environment. You need to keep them for later disposal. Observe the prevalent dress code at all times. This especially applies to female travelers, who need to be decent in clothing at all times. Wear tops that cover the sleeves and show no cleavage.