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Important Tools to Have in a Transcription Job

People usually have to travel to go to work but advanced technology has made it possible in today’s generation to be able to work at home. Transcription work is one of the well-known and anticipated work from home job.

Working from the convenience of your own place can give you a lot of benefits such as having a flexible schedule for work, being able to save the supposed travel expenses, working at an environment you are very comfortable with, never facing the traffic jam on weekdays, avoiding dramas in the office, and having more time spent with your children.

If you liked what you just read, you probably are wondering how to start and what are the tools needed to be able to pass a transcription work. Below are the necessary details to know when applying for a transcription job.

Firstly, an important tool you need to have for a transcription job is a very good USB headset. The USB headset can be inserted in either a laptop or a computer. There are a lot of well-known brands that sell this tool and provide an excellent performance such as the Plantronics. Other people may not want to use this tool, but in a surrounding that can create conflict with the background noise and audio to transcribe, it is necessary to have a USB headset. The USB headset can be used in other means if you are not going to work so it is worth having still.

Transcription jobs require software packages that can provide clear video and audio sounds. GearPlayer software is a good option to choose when you are new to the transcription work. This is available in Amazon. Express Scribe is another option you can choose if the job provides only an audio tape, and is paired with Express Dictate. Some people use the foot pedal when transcribing using the software Express Scribe, but there is another option if you do not want a foot pedal. You can replace the foot pedal with hotkeys from your keyboard.

Investing on a pedal, can however, give you advantages such as a more efficient and fast result. The foot pedal allows you more work on the hands rather than keeping it distracted on repeatedly pressing the hotkeys to stop, play and pause.

The foot pedal is available in Amazon or on the NHC Website. The foot pedal can be purchased with or without Express Scribe.

A text expander is very helpful even if you type very fast with a rate of 100wpm. The text expander will be able to provide macro-auto typing which is done by entering a code or short keys and will then automatically provide a phrase that is commonly used. The text expander can definitely save time and still provide efficient results.

Some clients will ask you to get a time tracking software. A job like this is usually paid every hour. TimeCamp is a good option for a time tracking software, as well as TraxTime.

There are a lot of transcribing companies out there. A very well-known company such as the TransGlobal Incorporated, is one good option to start with. The TransGlobal Incorporated is known to provide great transcription services and is on the top list of being the best.Working at the convenience of your own safe haven and earning well is what you are going to achieve when you work for TransGlobal Incorporated.

Anyone can become a transcriptionist. There are those that changed career from the corporate world to working at home. This job is convenient for parents who need to look out for their children.

Knowing all the requirements and advantages, you may now be ready in becoming a transcriber. If you want to get into this type of job, contact us now.