5 Concentration Techniques I Learned During Recovery

After dealing with addiction, I realized that there are more things I know that are important to the body and mind. During the recovery program and after I lost everything I had, I realized that the only way to go was forward and that technically I only had everything to win. The actual challenge was concentrating long and hard enough so I could achieve what I was aiming for.


Awakening the inner power that we all have in order to reach the goals we set for ourselves is difficult, however, when this is achieved it creates a sense of awareness and understanding in us that will make every burden in life easier and lighter.


Getting over my drug addiction was the reason I found that strength, that power that I was lacking during all those years before. I learned with my sponsor and the program, that there were ways through which I could concentrate better on achieving and working for what I wanted.So, here are 5 concentration techniques I learned in recovery:


Through recovery as well as after finishing the program, meditation has been and will always be the ultimate tool for concentration, self-awareness, and self-improvement.


Even up to this day I still meditate while working or when I’m at home because it’s the “easiest” and best way to gain insight into what’s going on within.


Meditation literally trains your brain as if it was a gym for the mind. Which means that whatever you want to achieve in life can be used as the goal for your mind and your own self. Stressful thoughts and other diversions that might affect your path, won’t find a place in your life because your mind will be strong enough to decide which elements are worthy of its attention and which are meant to just be let pass by.


Learning how to breathe better

We all breath the same way until we’re told there are different ways. When we concentrate on doing it from deep within our bodies and feel it come out of the abdomen, it not only serves as a kind of meditation but it will also improve our concentration levels as we are consciously trying to change a physical habit.



A complete lifestyle and way of behaving, thinking and living will always have greater effects on your perception of things and eventually on how situations develop in your life. When I started to practice Yoga I was rather skeptical about it. I had never really looked into it and thought it’d be a waste of time.


Well, as you can already imagine I was very mistaken, it is a powerful relaxation technique. It helped me get through recovery and made me realize how much more I can do and how much better my life can be only if I set my mind to it.


I usually practice it at least once a day, right after I wake up. I combine it with half an hour of meditation and some cardio to start the day energized and motivated. Learning how to be completely aware of every part of your body allows you to better concentrate not only on the inside but also on the outside.

Live day by day

It’s very easy to fall victim to the stress of the daily life and worry a bit too much about the future. Trying to enjoy every single moment will bring a great deal of appreciation and focus on your life, and it will also guarantee that those things that would usually stress you out, won’t affect you anymore.


It is impossible and unrealistic for you to literally enjoy and love every single second in life because not everything is amazing.However, learning how to appreciate those little moments that are full of beauty, such as the first drop of rain on a Sunday afternoon while you’re at home knowing that you have shelter, food and loved ones that care about you, is what will make the difference down the line.


Finish what you start

Even if you don’t like sometimes what you’re doing at the moment, being able to finish what you started will give you a sense of perseverance that I deem very important in life. Learning not to give up whether it’s all just a walk in the park, metaphorically, or if it’s an actual difficult situation that you wish you could quit.


Dedication, perseverance, and determination are three of the things that along with patience will guarantee that you reach your goals and dreams in life. It has worked for me ever since I learned it, so I have no doubt it will work for you too. These abilities are very important to achieve concentration and focus on a larger scale. Ideally, you’ll learn to live in the moment without ever forgetting about your own horizon.


If you’d like to suggest any other ways you can improve your concentration, or if you’d like to ask any questions, leave a comment below.